plants to keep cats happy!

Cat planterCat lovers will understand there’s a need to satisfy our feline friends who choose to live with us and often rule the roost. There’s something very special about watching the magic of a cats curiosity as they wonder through the garden. Cats seem so enchanted by insects and butterflies, fishponds and bobbing flower heads. The love stops when they completely destroy your favourite plant or use your vegetable garden as a personal bathroom!
Plants for cats will draw your furry friends away from the garden collectables and provide them with a cat friendly sanctuary, enticing them to sleep, roll and enjoy a sensory explosion. Plants for cats can be used indoors and outdoors. Planting clumps of Cat grass will entice them to nibble and play with the grass. Portable trays can be planted up with Cat grass, use an old seedling tray filled with seed raising mix. The grass will divide once established. The tray can be moved around indoors to counter act the boredom when you’re not home or outdoors to attract them to a spot in the garden just for them. If you plant up several trays then it’s easy to replenish them by swapping them over with fresh new trays of Cat grass every so often. Cat grass contains nutrients essential in their diet and it seems that rabbits, guinea pigs and even dogs like to nibble it.
Catnip’s botanical name Nepeta cateria tells us the plant originated in the Italian town of Nepete and cateria is the latin word for cat. The plant itself is a lovely little soft perennial with heart shaped leaves, silvery light green appearance and something of a culinary delight for your pussy cat. This plant could grow in the ground or in pots. Catnip will sooth your cat and makes him sleepy with pleasure. They just love walking amongst it and experience a natural high, so to speak. Use this plant along borders and direct your cat’s path of play. Catnip is a sun loving plant and would prefer regular watering once a week with a soil that is well drained. Planting Cat grass and Catnip together is the modern Kitty’s salad bar! Even if you don’t have a cat this plant is a beneficial pollinator for your garden. It has pretty little pink or white flowers depending on the species and there is also a lemon scented cat nip too.
But wait there’s more.. Valerian is a well-known herb for its beneficial sleeping properties for people and has the same effect on cats. They will scratch around this plant as the attractive part for them is the roots. Valerian flowers are dense clusters of tiny flowers in various colours with a wonderful vanilla fragrance in summer. The plant is a soft perennial reaching a height of around 60-90 cm. Lemon Grass fits into this culinary delight perfect for kitchen gardening and perfect for your cats senses. Choose one plant or all and create a garden of bliss for your feline friend and yourself!


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