The garden mood

pink daffs

Improving your plant life balance is about enjoying your plants and sharing it with others.

Have you thought about how good it feels to be outdoors surrounded by a lush garden or sitting beneath a huge tree just looking up into the branches? Today’s busy life styles see us struggling to do more than just work. We get so busy caught up in everyday tasks that we forget to spend time on ourselves. I’m not one for meditation although I have taken yoga classes at different times in my life. I find the best relaxation time for the mind is when I’m in the garden. Using your senses in a creative way and connecting with the earth through touch and smell is life prolonging and invigorating. Take the time to visit your garden or a friend’s garden and enjoy the beauty that nature brings to us in the form of flowers, insects and the birds. A big part of sharing our garden with our friends is talking about how you developed it or where you got the plants from, who gave them to you and how you propagated something special. Parks and gardens play a huge part of family life as we gather together in them to celebrate birthdays, sporting events and quite reflection. The garden gives us so much back when it comes to enjoyment and produce. It is extremely rewarding to grow your own food or pick a bunch of flowers and bring them inside the home to enjoy. Gardening is fun for all ages and today it’s easier than ever as it really doesn’t matter what size garden or space you have there is something for everyone. Even people without yards have verandahs or space inside for indoor plants. This time of year as winter approaches I love to pot up the pot plants with winter colour and bulbs. My favorite are daffodil bulbs nothing beats the burst of a mass display of yellow flowers. They are very addictive to collect as there are so many colours, sizes and floral arrangements. Doubles, singles, miniature something for everyone and every spot or pot. I love the beauty of pink daffodils they are just something really special and different. One variety called Double Replete has ruffled pink peach double blooms well worth the purchase. Tesselaar nurseries have a pink daffodil collection that you can order and try out a range of pink ones all in the one package,. What a great start to experiencing these. So get potting in some good bulb mix and fertilize with bulb food which is high in potash, or basically potassium which is fabulous for flowering. Sit back and enjoy. At the end of the season just remember to let the bulb die down naturally as the nutrients from the foliage retreat to the bulb for next years growth. Once they are yellow you can cut them back to the bulb for a quick tidy up and leave them in the ground to multiply. Some people dig them up and replant next year it’s really neither here nor there and entirely up to the individual. I usually dig up after about 5 years and divide or move around as they can settle over time moving deeper into the ground and then you wont get as many flowers. I know its the end of may and I’m a little late this year but just so you know I recommend planting at the start of April as an ideal time for daffodil bulbs.


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